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 My Maria de Sexton Martin

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My Maria Music & Lyrics by Martin Sexton Here’s the cords Intro: F#m, E/sus, B Verse: F#m, E/sus, C#m, B Verse ends: D, C#m, F#m, B 1st Pre-chorus/chorus: E, C#m, F#m, E, B 2nd Pre-chorus/chorus: D, B, E, C#m, F#m, E, B Oh my Maria Seems you got me in your spell once more Must be there's a storm on the way You taught me to know when you're near In your glance Recall my shady days of youth Stealing altar wine and microphones Not so blindly fueling my need As rock and roll fueled my dreams You know rock and roll fueled my dreams Back then you saw me as this child In great need of the wildest sin How sweet your grace I stumbled in And how completely you waved As I laughed in your face Oh my Maria Oh my Maria How you stood for strength and sanity Now is there someone poking holes in thee I see now why you called me near Maria my song can you hear I know you see the silence on the sidewalk And the anger in the street And the voices of all these children Coming up to my feet And we sing your song in vain As some preacher sees his reign Come down Maria Oh my sweet, Maria In the silence on the hill You know I'll be dreaming of you still Maria, oh my Maria I sing for my Maria I sing for my Maria