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Song: Collide Artist: Shaded Red Album: Shaded Red Tabbed: Rachel Goldman E-Mail: *** I'm not sure if this is totally correct, but its pretty close*** INTRO: Em D C G C D (repeat) VERSE 1: Em I'm beginning to see D C G C D Our worlds collide Em You say you're sorry, sorry to see me sorry D C G C Yet there's no tears in your eyes D Em Oh, I try to talk it out, try to talk it out D C G C D All you want to do is leave me Em You say you're going to flee Leave me, leave us, leave everything D C G C Where's your sense of dencency D You say you need to CHORUS: G C D G Run away, run away from here C D You gotta run away! G A C Run away, run away from here D You feel you need to run away from me INTERLUDE: Em D C G C D VERSE 2: Em D C G C D Every time I close my eyes, I see you Em Walkin' away from me Walkin' away from us D C G C Walkin' away from love D You feel you need to REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE: Em G A (repeat) REPEAT INTERLUDE WITH VARIATIONS REPEAT CHORUS TWICE ENDING: D Dsus D ***that's it, and if you have any improvements send them in or e-mail me at Shaded Red is the best!***