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 Falling For You de Shaded Red

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Song: Falling For You Artist: Shaded Red Album: Shaded Red Tabbed: Rachel Goldman E-Mail: ***this song is pretty cool,too. these probably aren't all correct, but oh well*** INTRO: G D Em Bm (repeat) G A Bm G D Dsus D VERSE 1: G A Bm I've tried to ignore G D Dsus D The way you're watchin' me G A Bm G D Dsus D I felt insecure, didn't know what to do G A Bm G I've been on the ground dialin' 911 D I keep fallin' for you CHORUS: G D Em Bm I'm fallin' for you (repeat three more times) INTERLUDE: G A Bm G D Dsus D VERSE 2: G A Bm I've turned around again G D Dsus D All my thoughts about you G A Bm You know you keep me spinnin', spinnin', and spinnin' G D I keep fallin' for you REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE (improvisation from chords) G D Em Bm REPEAT CHORUS ***that's basically it, and if you have any corrections, send them in or e-mail me at***