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Song: Fear Not Artist: Shaded Red Words and Music: Jamie and Jon Roberts Copyright: 1997 Big Cadence Songs Tabbed by: Luke Mundy This song is one of my favorites and I looked for the tab for a long time and couldn't find it so I wrote this for anyone else who is looking for it. It's not perfect. The G#5 on the chorus sounds a bit off, but I couldn't find the right chord, so just mess around with it. God Bless. INTRO (This isn't written in the right timing, so you'll have to listen to the CD) (A) (E) E------------------------------------------------------ B--2---2---2h4---5---5--5h7---------------------------- G------------------------------1---1---1h2---1----1-1-- D----------------------------------------------------2- A--0---0---0------0---0---0---------------------------- e------------------------------0---0---0-----0----0---- VERSE I: A-E A E I move in, in closer to you. Each breath you take, I supply. For countless times, I've called out. With an everlasting love, everlasting love. CHORUS: E-G#5-A5-B5 E G#5 G#5 Fear not now, fear not now. A5 B5 Hear what I am saying to you. E G#5 G#5 You can trust now, let your guard down. A5 B5 Let my love embrace you. VERSE II The life you need I supply Though you're far from me my arms are open wide. I will search, I will find, I will run, I will run to you. For countless times, don';t you know I've been calling you. (Chorus) BRIDGE(2x) Guitar 1: A-E Guitar 2: E---17---17---17---16---16---16---14---14---14---17---17---17---16---16---16---14---14---14---12h14p12 OUTRO(2x) A E Let my love embrace you, Let my love embrace you == "All people are worms. I am a glow worm." -Winston Chuchill BE A GLOW WORM!