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Name: Let It Out by: Shaded Red CD: Self-Titles Written by: The Roberts brothers Copyright: Big Cadence Songs Inc. (BMI) Transcribed by Nicholas Rivera ( All these chords are power chords for the most part but play them with 3 fingers cause you'll need the mobility later. ex. for the chord (x,6,8,8,x,x) Eb (sus4) use your pointer to barre (muting the E,B,e strings) use your ring finger for the D string and your pinky for the g string. Intro: That little run is a fast little rhythm on the 4th of your B string and the change is this: *----start that run again B|--4---2-3--4-------------| G|----3--------------------| The you have the chords Eb, B, F#, Db hit once each and these chords are used in the verse but they are played as arpeggios. It's easy to figure out. (After all can't force-feed you everything:) ) Verse: I know, I feel this hesitation can it be real? In my heart, in my soul until He takes control Chorus: Eb B Db Ab -first time Eb B Db(w/up notes) I let it out say let it out Jesus Then goto the original intro run. Verse 2 is played same but no arpeggios and chords only hit once. Verse 2: There's a hand stuck to wood held by a nail it holds the two, voice of God, unreserved Why should I be ashamed. Chorus (the extended part is just Db and B) Now when it goes into the rhythm solo it is these chords Eb B Db Db(w/run up notes) then chorus to end Chords: Eb (x,6,8,8,x,x) Db (x,4,6,6,x,x) B (x,2,4,4,x,x) Ab (4,6,6,x,x,x) F# (2,4,4,x,x,x) Db(w/ run up notes): I am sure you had to be wondering what this is. B|----6\7/6------------------| G|-6--6-6-6------------------| D|-6--4-4-4------------------| A|-4--4-4-4------------------| Now I know that this has a better name but this serves my purpose. Here's how to do it Since you are using the three finger power chord method you play the Db then put your ring and pinky finger on the 6th fret on the G and B stings slide your pinky up one and down. It sounds hard but is simple when you get it