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Song: Use Me By: Shaded Red Transcribed by Nicholas Rivera ( Tab version Okay before I start know this. I am NOT perfect. This is the best I can do to figure this out. Basically Guitar 1 is the left hand and Guitar 2 is the right on piano. I have tried to arrange it so that it is possible to play (though it will take practice) I have figured out and can play both parts and I have only played for 1 1/2 - 2 years. Obviously you would need to embellish on this to match the piano perfectly but that would also be about impossible! Guitar 1 and 2 will play the same part unless noted Intro: guitar 1 only e--------3------------3-----0--0--0--1---1-0---------1--1-1---| B------1----1-1-----1----1-3----1--1--3---3-3--3--3-3-1--1-1--| G-----0-0----0-----0-0----------0--0--2---2-2--3--3---2--2-2--| D-------------------------------2--2--0---0-0--3--3---3--3-3--| A--3-------------3--------------3--3-----------1--1---3-------| E-----------------------------------------------------1-------| C Dm D2 Bb F Guitar 2 (Riff 1) e--------3------------3-----0---0-0-0-1-0---| B------1----1-1-----1----1-3-----1-1-1-1-1--| G-----0-0----0-----0-0----------------------| D-------------------------------------------| A--3-------------3--------------------------| E-------------------------------------------| C Dm D2 Bb F ---guitar 1 part (like above Follow normal timings for both the intro pick and chords both e-0--0--1---1-0---------1--1-1--| B-1--1--3---3-3--3--3-3-1--1-1--| G-0--0--2---2-2--3--3---2--2-2--| D-2--2--0---0-0--3--3---3--3-3--| A-3--3-----------1--1---3-------| E-----------------------1-------| Guitar 2 (riff 2) Both e-----------------------------------| e--0--------1--| B-----1-1-1-1-1-1---1-1-1-1-1-1-----| B--1--------1--| G------0-0-0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0-0----| G--2--3--2--2--| D-----------------------------------| D--0--3--3--3--| A--3---------------3----------------| A-----1--1--0--| E-----------------------------------| E--------------| C Dm Dm D2 This is that weird sounding part on top of chords can be played by finger picking the A string with your thumb and walking over the G and B string with your pointer and middle fingers. It is a dotted 32nd note and a sixteenth for the B to G string timing. Verse: Guitar 1 References in **'s are 2nd guitar 1st/2nd when shown like this. C C Dm Dm D2 Bb Bb F *riff 3* Son of God come in, and take away my sin C C Dm Dm D2 Bb Bb Bb Riff F/*Fsus* Draw me closer so I'm never away from you C C C9 Dm Riff Dm/*Dm D2* Bb Bb F *riff 3* Take my life oh God let your will be done C C C9 Dm Dm D2 Bb Bb riff F/*Fsus* - strum with cresendo As I walk this earth I want to be like your Son Chorus: Guitar 2 e-------------------------------------------------| B------------------------10-11-11-10--------------| G---------10-10-10-10-12--------------------------| D---------10--------------------------------------| A---------8---------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------| C F Bb F/A --(guitar 1) Use me (both) C Fsus F4 Bb Bb Bb F Use me so I'm never away from you (repeat) Repeat verse cut all riffs. Riff F and Dm is now F and Dm At "Draw me closer..." guitar 2 does riff 2 on Chorus 2nd time all individual second guitar parts are gone but listen to CD and these parts are played at their respective times by second guitar. Listen closely and you'll here them. I put them exclusively cause they sound very good. all the other improvisions are too much to figure out. at 2:05 e---12-13-12-13-12-8--| 2:09 - 2:13 e--12-13-13-13-13-13-12-10----------------------| B--13-13-13-------------------------------------| this has a little lead in that goes something like e--6-8-10-13-12-| Bridge: C F/A (arpeggios sound nice) Ohhh C Bb F C --(F/A last time into chorus) Lord I give my life to you, I won't turn back (these chords are played in triad arpeggios. Pick the 1 3 5 of the chord in that order. Chorus bridge in reverse order. Instead of the 1 3 5 pattern just do random arpeggios. That's it!!! When the 2nd guitar is left for awhile let him or her play around with the chords and finger picking to simulate the improvisions of the piano. If a Dm doesn't sound right somewhere try F/A and vice versa. Have fun and God bless Nick ********************************************************************** Riff F Riff Dm e--1-1-1-1-0-----|--1-1-1-1-0-----| B--1---------3-1-|--2---------3-1-| G--2-------------|--3-------------| D--3-------------|--0-------------| A----------------|----------------| E----------------|----------------| Riff 3 (super fast. Can you say 32nd notes) e-0-1-0------------| B-------3-1--------| G-----------3-2----| D---------------3--| Chords: Bb - x,1,3,3,3,x C - x,3,2,0,1,0 C9 - x,3,2,0,3,0 Dm - x,x,0,3,2,1 D2 - x,x,0,3,2,0 F - 1,3,3,2,1,1 F/A - x,0,3,2,1,1 Fsus - x,8,10,10,x,x **********************************************************************