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 The Trap Door de Shear Jules

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The Trap Door - Shear Jules sur
From the *fabulous* Jules Shear album The Great Puzzle. This is the opening track on this highly recommeded disk. Go out and buy it before it's deleted. This song is (c) 1992 Geffen Again Music/Juters Music, Inc/Funzalo Music Ltd, administered by Music Corporation of America, Inc. The Trap Door (Shear) --------------------- Intro1: | \ \ \ Bb ||: C Bb :|| (repeat 7 times) Note: C = 3 beats, Bb = 1 beat guitar solo over above Intro 2: ||: Eb | Bb Ab | Gsus4 | G :|| G | Verse1: Eb Your enemies guard cornered you in a yard Bb You paid him off and ran Eb Ab You knew he'd understand Eb Bb Eb He's just a workin man (Eb) But you think he's a fool just a capitalist tool Bb Who plays the games of life to tie Eb Ab If the tables had been turned tonight Eb Bb Eb There'd be nothin that his money could buy - but soon... Chorus: C G Am F The trap door gives in under the wicked weight of sin C G C G You fall down, down, down farther than you've ever been C G Am F Yeah, the trap door falls open just as you were smugly hoping C G C That you could cheat and win, the trap door falls in Verse2: Eb Bb G one escape does not a life make the earth floats under your feet Eb Ab You can't trust who you meet Eb Bb Eb Your bravery's a conceit Eb It's no longer suspense it's a fear that makes sense Bb Pullin you through the ground Eb Ab The trap door makes no sound Eb Bb Eb One day just not around - Cause... (Chorus) (Intro2) Verse3: Eb I should have known when I was struck with a stone Bb That you were aiming at the moon Eb Ab That like a gas balloon Eb Bb Eb You'd come falling soon - yeah-eh (solo over chorus chords) (Chorus) ( - lead with "Yeah the trap door...") Coda: F C G Ab Bb C That you could cheat and win, the trap door fa-a-a-lls in