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 If She Knew What She Wants de Shear Jules

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If She Knew What She Wants - Shear Jules sur
These are the chords from the excellent song "If She Knew What She Wants," written and performed by Jules Shear on his 1985 EMI release "The Eternal Return." The Bangles did a pretty good version of it at some point. This just shows the chord structure, i.e. it probably won't match up with anyone's recording as it's written. Jules plays it in I think D, and the Bangles play it in B You'll have to transpose/affix capo based on how you want to play it. And, of course, you'll need to check a recording for the exact lyrics and song structure. I didn't include any sections that have a chord structure that appears previously in the song. Section 1 A D E If she knew . . . . giving it to her A D E If she knew . . . . give her that too A D E If she knew . . . . can't see through her F#m E D Bm E If she knew . . . wants . . . giving . . . giving it to to her Section 2 D F#m I'd say . . . values are corrupted E A But . . . open to change D Then one day . . . . F#m And the next . . . E Bm E And it's nothing . . . . explain Section 3 E A Some . . . style D A That . . . work . . . refine F#m E G . . . walk . . . line (second half of section 3 has the same chord structure) James Houston ( I didn't steal this from anywhere :)