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 Chasing Rainbows de Shed Seven

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Transcribed by Monty Chasing Rainbows This is entirely my own work and it is in no way approved by Shed Seven. If you see any mistakes tell me, unless they are to do with the lyrics. Please E-mail me at JMONTY@COMPUSERVE.COM(Oh and If you appreciate my work you can E-mail me too). Enjoy, Monty Intro You probably can play it in full bar chords but i'm lazy * Strum slowly * * e|--x-x-x--x-|-x-x-x--7-|---|----- B|--5-5-5--5-|-5-5-5--5-|---|----- G|--6-6-6--6-|-6-6-6--6-|-9-|-9--- D|--7-7-7--7-|-7-7-7--7-|-9-|-9--- A|--x-x-x--x-|-x-x-x--x-|-7-|-7--- E|--5-5-5--5-|-5-5-5--5-|---|----- Thumb etc This should give you an idea about how everything goes. I don't care about the lyrics as I'm a guitarist and I can't sing. If you want the words you will have to listen to them yourself. Verse The verse chords are a variation of the intro still using the A7 A E And then I missed my cue A E Everbody had a laugh and then went for an early bath did you? Pre-Chorus E A B I don't keep my secrets, then E A B I hide them every where Chorus E B A I could deny, but I've never realised E B A I'm just chasing rainbows all the time Solo This a very good solo from a very good song, this one always gets a cheer in the pub. x2 e||-------------|----------------| B||-------------|----------------| G||-------------|----------------| D||-------14h16-|-------14h16-16-| A||-14h16-------|-14h16----------| E||-------------|----------------| e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|-----------------------| D|--16-16-14-14-13-9~~---| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| (+ bar3) e|-----------------------|------------------| B|-----------------------|------------------| G|-----------------------|---------------16-| D|--------16h18-------14-|-14h16-14---16----| A|--16h18-------14h16----|------------------| E|-----------------------|------------------| x2 e|------------------| B|------------------| G|--------------16/-| D|--------14h16-----| A|--14h16-----------| E|------------------| x3 e|--------------|----------------|| B|--------------|----------------|| G|--------------|--------16~~~/--|| D|--------16-14-|--16p14---------|| A|--14h16-------|----------------|| E|--------------|----------------|| "Ohhh love it" said Colin -------------------------