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 Serena de Sheik Duncan

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doc file) Reply-to: MIME-version: 1.0 # SERENA - Duncan Sheik Notes: Intro starts with slow up strum on chords; verses are basically arpeggios of chords on 1/8th notes (4-4 beat); For the D4(?) keep the C shape and move up two frets with 4th and 6th strings open AND the D4 is occasionally played with a Bm by the base (I've indicated where); A9 is 002200 Intro Em C D4 A9 C Bm Bm/F# G what [Em] life's rough [C] You should get o[D4]ver yourself Like ev[A9]eryone else and enjoy[C] The girls and the boys[Bm] And every[Bm/F#]thing in between [Em] Seren[C]a, in an effort[D4/Bm]to avoid the things [A9] that annoy you you hide[C]- far far away[Bm] And life [Bm/F#] just passes you by bridge: Em C Bm A9 C Bm Bm/F# (with electric riff over) Are you gonna give up[Em] are you gonna give out[C] Ain't [D4]that a shame You've got no[A9] one to blame But your conscience [C] If it doesn't make[Bm]sense I know [Bm/F#]that only too well [Em] G tell [C]me Did it happen[D4/Bm] one day When the day[A9] that you faced Wasn't happen[C]ing It just didn't bring[Bm] A[Bm/F#]nything more, Anything more than despair Chorus: Em C D4 A9 Se[C]rena Bm Bm/F# Se [Em] rena C Bm A9 Se [C] rena Bm Bm/F# C you remem [Em] ber, morning would come [C] And just [D4/Bm]like a child filled [A9]with the sun And the hours[C] never seemed [Bm]long Where [Bm/F#]have those days gone?[Em] Beyond [C]us... Or so you [D4]would believe But I [A9]can't agree, those illusions[C] Will you ever get through[Bm] them And find [Bm/F#]the diamond, Find the diamond inside Chorus then repeat 4X jam on chorus (use Bm for D4) on 3d rep, while solo guitar and vocal use "nuh Na nuh-na Naa na (E G A-B B A)" riff over chords end with four Bm/F#