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 That Says It All de Sheik Duncan

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That Says It All - Sheik Duncan sur
t. See for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# song: "that says it all" artist: duncan sheik album: humming this is my first submission. the chord names may be askew, but you'll get the idea... hope it's up to par and found useful by all sheik fans. enjoy! e: 022100 e7: 020100 a: 002220 esus: 002200 amaj7: 002120 c#m: 446654 b: 224442 for the most part, you can play around with the a, esus, and amaj7 wherever in the song... also, for me it's hard to make the transition between c#m and b, and it doesn't sound entirely wrong if you just use 224422 for b, so... verse1: ------ e hit ...... e7 a e e7 a e but mr. dylan ...... e7 a e e7 a amaj7 a amaj7 a chorus: ------ a c#m e b a (or esus) c#m e b a esus amaj7 a verse2: ------- chorus ------ chorus2: -------- bridge1: (played w/ same progression as chorus) -------- bridge2: -------- hope that does it for you. any questions or helpful hints: and need i say, listen to the song for the rythm and such. g'day! ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at