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 Strong Enough de Sheryl Crow

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SONG: Strong enough BY: Sheryl Crow NOTE: I have been very surprised to notice that Sheryl Crow wasn't very popular among the guitar transcribers. I have only found "All I wanna do" on the , so here is the tab to "Strong enough", I didn't transcribed it but a friend showed me how to play it. When playing this song we used ton sing "Are you wrong enough to be my fan" instead of "Are you strong enough to be my man". Weird Al Yankovic may will record our joke (cross your finger). INTRO: over D G Bm A hammer ¦-----2--------0--2--------¦-----------------------------¦ ¦-----3-----------------0--¦--------------------3-----2--¦ ¦-----------2-----------0--¦--------3--------0--------2--¦ play twice ¦--0-----0-----------------¦--------4-----4--------------¦ for the intro ¦--------------------------¦--2--------2-----------0-----¦ ¦--------------------3-----¦-----------------------------¦ VERSE: guitar one play the intro guitar two play the chords D / G / Bm / A Both guitars are acoustic D G Bm God I feel like hell tonight A D G Bm Tears of rage I cannot fight A D G Bm I'd be the last to help you understand A D G Bm Are you strong enough to be my man? A D G Bm A D G Bm A D G Bm A D G Bm A My man Verse 2 lyrics: Nothing's true and nothing's right G let me be alone tonight Cause you can't change the way I am Are you strong enough to be my man ? Verse 3 lyrics: I have a face I cannot show I make the rules up as I go It's try and love me if you can Are you strong enough to be my man ? My man Verse 4 lyrics: When I've shown you that I just don't care When I'm throwing punches in the air When I'm broken down and I can't stand Will you be man enough to be my man ? Chorus: ¦-----------0-----------------¦-----------0-----------------¦ ¦--------------0-----0--------¦--------0-----3-----0-----2--¦ ¦--------0--------0-----------¦-----0-----------0--------2--¦ ¦-----2-----------------4--0--¦-----------------------------¦ ¦-----------------------------¦-----------------------0-----¦ ¦--0--------------------------¦--3--------------------------¦ ¦--------------------------¦-----------0------------------¦ ¦-----------------3--------¦--------3-----3-----0-----2---¦ ¦-----4--------4--------5--¦-----0-----------0--------2---¦ ¦-----------4-----------5--¦------------------------------¦ ¦--2-----------------4-----¦-----------------------0------¦ ¦--------------------------¦--3---------------------------¦ Chorus lyrics: Lie to me I promise I'll believe Lie to me but please don't leave Don't leave my man Are you strong enough to be my man ? Are you strong enough to be my man ? Chorus chords: Em / D2 / G2 / A2 / Bm2 / C / G2 / A2 twice D / G / Bm / A four times Bm / A / D5 / Gsus2 / Bm7 / Asus / D5 / Gsus2 / Bm7 / Asus D5 / Gsus2 / Bm7 / D5 / Gsus2 / Bm7 You probably don't know most of them, so you better just play the first accoustic part which is much easier, even if your bandwith has two guitars or if you wanna play this ong with a friend. That's all, enjoy My e-mail for questions, comments, Sheryl crow tabs (especially from the last one), chat or chords formations