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 Cemetery de Silverchair

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Cemetery - Silverchair sur
Title: CEMETERY (ACOUSTIC) Album: FREAK Chorded by: Marcus Vinicius Email: The tone of the music is C They here are just the music notes. The execution is very simple, it is enough you hear her. Listen to the CD to extrat the correct way of to play. Any suggestions or corrections, enter in contact. Thanks, let's to play!!! notes: C Em Am G/B e-------------------------3------- B----1-------------1------3------- G------------------2-------------- D----2------2------2-------------- A----3------2-------------2------- E--------------------------------- C Em Need a change C Em Not .................. But................... C Em C Em C Em C Em (C Em Am Em) C Em C Em C Em (C Em) Am Here's your.......... Em (Em) Em C | I live in a cemetery | Em | | refrain | C | Em C C I live in a cemetery (Em G/B D) 8x uhuu... (C Em C->D Em C Em C Em) slide refrain: 3x Em C C(8x varying the way of to play) Em I live in a cemetery In the slide C->D, execute thus: e-------------------------------------------- B------------1-/-3----3----------------------- G------0-----0--(0)---------0---------------- D-------------------------------------------- A----3---3---------------5------------------- E-------------------------------------------- FROM: MARCUS VINICIUS M. DO NASCIMENTO ------=_NextPart_000_95e_2eca_68--