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 Your Winter de Sister Hazel

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Intro: G D Em C Verse: [ G ] the grey ceiling on the [ D ] Earth well it's lasted for a [ Em ] while take my thoughts for what they're [ C ] worth I've been acting like a [ G ] child in your opinion and what is [ D ] that It's just a different point of [ Em ] view..............[ C ]............ [ G ] what else can I [ D ] do I said I'm sorry I'm [ Em ] sorry........oooh [ C ] ooh..... [ G ] I said I'm sorry but what [ D ] for if I hurt you then I [ Em ] hate myself I don't wanna [ C ] hate my self don't want to hurt you [ D ] why do you [ Em ] choose your pain if you [ C ] only knew how much I [ D ] love you ! ! love you ! ! ! (N.C.) Chorus: [ G ] I won't [ D ] be your [ Am ] winter........[ C ]........... [ G ] and I won't [ D ] be any- [ Em ] one's excuse [ C ] to cry [ G ] we can't [ D ] be for- [ Am ] given........ [ C ] ......... [ G ] and I [ D ] will be [ Em ] here............. Solo over intro chords Then Repeat verse & chorus Then Change key for solo F C Eb Bb F C Eb D D Then play chorus Legend ------ h = hammer-on p = pull-off b = bend r = bend release / = slide up/down 5> = natural harmonic [5] = artifical harmonic ~ = vibrato tr = trill Intro: Play this then play it again for the first verse. E-||--3-3-3-x-x-3-3-3-x-5-5-5-x-------------------7-7-7-x-x- 7-7-7-x-3-3- B-||*-3-3-3-x-x-3-3-3-x-7-7-7-x-------------------8-8-8-x-x- 8-7-7-x-5-5- G-||--4-4-4-x-x-4-4-x-x-7-7-7-x-----7-------------9-9-9-x-x- 9-8-x-x-5-5- D-||--5-5---x-x-5-5-x-x-7-7-7-x-5/7-7-7h9p7---7---9-9---x-x- 9-9-x-x-5-5- A-||*-5---------5-------5-5-----7/9---------9---7-7--------- 7-------3-3- E-||--3---------3-------5-----x-------------------7--------- 7-------3--- E|-3--------------------|| B|-5-------------------*|| G|-5-----5--------------|| D|-5-3/5-5-5h7p5---5----|| A|---5/7---------7-----*|| E|-------------------3--|| The rest has this chord progression throughout the song: G D Em C Lyrics Grey ceiling on the earth well it lasted for a while Take my thoughts for what they worth i've been acting like a child Your opinion what is that is just a different point of view What else what else can I do, I said i'm sorry I'm sorry I said i'm sorry but what for, if I hurt you than I hate mysef, don't wanna hate myself Don't wanna hurt you why do you choose your pain If you only knew how much i love you love you I won't be your winter, I won't be anyone's excuse to cry We can't be forgiven And I will be here then comes: 1st Solo E|-----------------------------*| B|--8b-7~----------------------*| G|---------7-------------------*| D|-------9---9\7---------10b-9~*| A|---------------10-7-10~------*| E|-----------------------------*| Your picture on the shelf its been there for a while Frozen image of ourselves we've been acting like a child Ever since living trends that lasted for a while Read my eyes just like a diary Oh remember please remember Well I'm not a begger but once more, if I hurt you then I hate myself don't wanna hate myself Don't wanna hurt you Why do you choose your pain If you only knew How much I love you Love you I won't be your winter, I won't be anyone's excuse to cry We can't be forgiven And I will be here then comes: 2nd Solo E|-------------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------15-16-18~---- G|--14~14h15p14---------------------------------17b- D|--------------15-17b-15-14----17b-15-------------- A|---------------------------15~-------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------- E|-15~13-12--------------------------------------------*| B|----------13-----------------------------------------*| G|-------------12-14b15-2-2-2-3-3-4-4-6-6-8-8-11-11-12~*| D|----------------------0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0--0--0~*| A|-----------------------------------------------------*| E|-----------------------------------------------------*| NO! I won't be your winter Cause I won't be anyone's excuse to cry we can't be forgiven And I will be here x 2 That's it, enjoy and email me if for any suggestions. Cheers!