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 Broken Tree de Six Feet Deep

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Artist: sixfeetdeep Album: The road less traveled Song: Broken tree Tabbed by: Rocky gunderson Well I haven't mastered the song yet, but I have the main idea of the song, so I will tab what I have and I will keep workin on it. Any questions write me at Intro: Played with a flanger type distortion. Intro: Played in this order E [-6-----2-----6-----2-----] B [-6-----2-----6-----2-----] G [-6-----4-----8-----4-----] D [-8-----4-----8-----4-----] A [-8-----2-----6-----2-----] E [-6-----2-----6-----2-----] Play these chords with an up and down type strum. Play it with the song to get the timing. Guitar part: Play after intro is played three times. Play with distortion #+s=slide e-------------------------------------------------------------------] B-------------------------------------------------------------------] G-------------------------------------------------------------------] D-------------------------------------------------------------------] A-6-6-6-6-6-6-6s-9-9-9-9-9-9-9s-8-8-8-8s-6-6-6-6s-4-4s-2-2-2-2s-4s-6] E-------------------------------------------------------------------] This part ^above is played once after the intro and again later in the song.This part is almost exactly perfect to the song. The rest of the song are the chords from the intro, but played with distortion. There are two guitars in the song. I will put the rest of the song up when I figure it out exactly. Write me at Visit my band UNPOPULAR at