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 Sister Mother de Sixpence None The Richer

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Sister Mother - Sixpence None The Richer sur
Sixpence None the Richer Sister, Mother Sixpence None the Richer copyright 1997 Le Tigre Sur Un Ballon Publishing (ASCAP)/Squirt Songs (ASCAP) Eadd6 022102 B C# E My life is plagued B C# E by mistakes, broken love, slaps in the face B C# E But I'm trying to care, B C# D# E to dare to embrace your face Chorus1: E F# G#m F# Hug him like a brother E F# G#m F# Kiss her like a sister E F# G#m F# E Eadd6 Let it be my mother for now I want to find where the maid in the street is pouring her wine I heard she takes you in and gives you the words you need said Chorus 2: If you'll be her brother She'll kiss ya like a sister She'll even be your mother for now Solo - A D e----------------------------------- b----------------------------------- g-----11-9-8-8h9-------------------- d-9-9-----------9--9-9-11-11h12p9--- x4 -9-9-9s11-- a----------------------------------- ---------11 (start of) E----------------------------------- | | Chorus 3a: (high pitch) (another solo underneath) ----- Hug him like a brother Kiss her like a sister Let it be my mother Let it by my father 3b: I will be her brother Kiss her like a sister E F# G#m F#m E F# G#m F# Come and be my mother forever ending lick: (chorus chords) e-7-4h6-4h6(b)-7-----------------(x2)-------------------------------- b---------------------7-5-4-2-0----|--------------------------------- g----------------------------------|--4-4s6s4-------4-4s6s4---------- d----------------------------------|----------6-4-6---------6-4-6-6-- a----------------------------------|--------------------------------- E----------------------------------|---------------------------------