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 Here Come The Bugs Again de Skypark

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Here Come The Bugs Again - Skypark sur
Here Come the Bugs Again Skypark- Am I Pretty? Word/Epic Submitted by Olley Usher b= slight bend; h= hammer-on; p= pull- off; xxx= ghost chord; /= slide up; \= slide down Standard Tuning, Distorted Riff 1 (Intro- right after mad cool drum pickup): e|--------|---------------------------------------------------------| b|--------|---------------------------------------------7---9------| g|--------|------------------5-------------------------7---9------| a|--------|------7--5--7------5--h7------7--5--7--------------| E|-5--3b|--0---------------------------0------------------------| Riff 2 (Verse): he bounces around on e|--12---h14 b|--12---h14 g|------------- Riff 3 (Chorus- combine with Riff 1): e|--------xxx--------- b|--------xxx--------- g|--5/7--xxx--------- d|--5/7--xxx--5/7--- a|--3/5--xxx--5/7--- E|--------xxx--3/5--- Riff 4 (Bridge- right before solo): e|---------------------xxx| |-------------------------------------------- b|---------------------xxx| |-------------------------------------------- g|------9--9/11--9--xxx| |------9--9--------------------------------- d|--9--9--9/11--9--xxx| 3x|--9--9--9----------------------7p6------ a|--9--7--7/9----7--xxx| |--9--7--7---------7------------7p6--7-- E|--7-----------------xxx| |--7-----------7h9----9p7--0--------0--- Sorry, no Solo. Just play out of E pentatonic is all I can tell you. Nothing is exact, there are always variations. Enjoy! SKYPARK RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!