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 Come Back Baby de Slackers

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Come Back Baby - Slackers sur
COME BACK BABY by THE SLACKERS Chords: EADGBE F 133211 C#7 464644 G7 320330 C7 x32330 D7 557575 Eb7 668686 INTRO: F F C#7 Where... tonight... F G7 C7 This... stars up above F D7 When... coming... G7 C7 F 'Cause... afraid... alone C7 D7 Long before we met... Eb7 D7 G7 C7 I was sure... never love another F C#7 Now I know ... wrong... G7 C7 F G7 C7 F My honey why ... long Chorus: F G7 C7 Come back baby, come back baby F D7 G7 C7 Come back baby, the joke... come on... F Distance makes... C#7 But honey... G7 C7 F G7 C7 To make me say those... [Sax Solo, guitar repeats Verse/Pre-Chorus] c7 D7 My head... my heart... Eb7 D7 G7 C7 And I fear that feeling will remain F C#7 Go to sleep... I pray you... G7 C7 F And then I'll dream you're in my arms G7 C7 And I'll keep asking you (Chorus) Notes: There are a couple "flairs" in which another chord is played during a chord change. I haven't written these out, because I'm not particularly sure which chords are used. Also, because this is a jazz song, bear in mind that the placement of the chord changes isn't entirely accurate - some vocal parts may be drawn out a little more, but I tried to approximate their placement as best I could. This is the first TAB/CHORD I've ever submitted, and I don't have much of a jazz background, so I may have gotten some of the chords wrong. I've played it along with the song and it sounds pretty much right on, but any corrections would be appreciated: