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 Ill Stay Away de Slackers

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Ill Stay Away - Slackers sur
ARTIST: The Slackers SONG: I'll Stay Away ALBUM: Old Days (2003) Tabbed By: Johnny Mineo CHORDS USED IN SONG: Bm D G G7 e:---7---|-------|---3---|---3---| B:---7---|---7---|---3---|---3---| G:---7---|---7---|---4---|---4---| D:---9---|---7---|---5---|---3---| A:---9---|---5---|---5---|---5---| E:---7---|-------|---3---|---3---| D7 Em A7 e:---5---|---7---|---5---| B:---7---|---8---|---5---| G:---5---|---9---|---6---| D:---7---|---9---|---5---| A:---5---|---7---|---7---| E:-------|-------|---5---| The entire song is all upbeats The and of every beat VERSE Bm D Bm D //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// CHORUS G G7 D Bm //// //// //// //// Em A7 D D7 //// //// //// //// G G7 D Bm //// //// //// //// Em A7 D //// //// //// For the solo, you just play the same structure, in the same order. There you have it. Any questions or concerns, please email me at ________________________________________________________________________________