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 Old Dog de Slackers

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ARTIST: The Slackers SONG: Old Dog ALBUM: Old Days (2003) Tabbed By: Johnny Mineo CHORDS USED: Bb Gm F7 e:---6---|---10---|---8---| B:---6---|---11---|---10--| G:---7---|---12---|---8---| D:---8---|---12---|---10--| A:---8---|---10---|---8---| E:---6---|--------|-------| Bb(I) F(I) e:---1---|---1---| B:---3---|---1---| G:---3---|---2---| D:---3---|---3---| A:---1---|---3---| E:-------|---1---| Song is in 4/4 and continuously plays: Bb Gm F7 Bb / / / / / / / / Then it goes to 3/4 - "To Howl at the moon, chase..." Bb(I) F(I) x / / x / / x means dead note And that's the song. If you need lyrics or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at ________________________________________________________________________________