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 Reborn de Slayer

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Slayer "Reborn" from REIGN IN BLOOD (1986) Tabbed by Nick S. Riff 1 A-2--8/7--3-3-4--2--8/7--3-3-6-- E-0--6/5--1-1-2--0--6/5--1-1-4-- Riff 2 D----------------------2-- A----------------------0-- E-1111112111111--3p2p0---- Riff 3 A------0h5-0h4-- E-0000-0h3-0h2-- Riff 4 A--------------4---------------8-- E-000044443333-2--000044443333-6-- Riff 5 A---------------7-- E-3333777766666-5-- Riff 6 A--------------5-0h4-- E-000011114444-3-0h2-- Riff 7 E-3333h6p33h4p3 Riff 1 4x Riff 2 4x Riff 3 8x Riff 4 twice Riff 2 twice Riff 3 8x Riff 4 twice Riff 2 4x Riff 5 4x Riff 6 4x Riff 2 6x Riff 4 twice Riff 7 14x Riff 6 5x Any questions, feedback or whatever send me an E-mail w/ the subj. "Slayer tabs." I plan on submitting tabs for the following Slayer tunes at some point, but they might not all go up on .net: "Epidemic," "Kill Again," "Killing Fields," "Altar of Sacrifice," "Blood Red," "War Ensemble," "Hell Awaits," "Spill the Blood," and their cover of Judas Priest's "Dissident Aggressor."