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 Washer de Slint

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Washer - Slint Standard tuning Quiet part at intro - just played on the G string with the D string played as a drone. Nothing provided here, I never bother with it. Main Arpeggiated riff (variations occur in the song) e---------------------------------------------------------------------- b------8-----8---8-----7----7----7-------3-----3---3-------3---------1- g----0-----0---------0----0----------------------------------0--------- d-------------------------------------2------2----------2---------0---- a--7-----7-----7---7----7-----7-----3------3-----3----3---------1------ e---------------------------------------------------------------------- Verses (?) Just move between these two chords Em7(?) Cadd9 e a d g b e e a d g b e 0 2 2 0 3 3 x 3 2 0 3 0 Arpeggio before distorted part, it uses the chords from the verse. This is probably not 100% accurate because it is from memory. Em7 Cadd9 e----------------------------------------------------------------------- b---------------------------------------3-----3---3------3-------3---3-- g----------------------------------------------------------------------- d------2-----2----2-----2-----2---2---2----2----------2------2---------- a----2-----2----------2-----2-------3----3------3---3------3-------3---- e--0-----0-----0----0-----0----0---------------------------------------- Distorted part Uses again Em7 and Cadd9, but it also sounds good using good ol barre chords.(for the record, I think it sounds best with the E barre chord and the Cadd9). The rhythm is pretty easy to pick up, due to its slow speed E C e a d g b e e a d g b e 0 7 9 9 x x x 3 5 5 5 x Lead over Distorted part Oblique bends - what this means is bend the hell out of the note on the G - string whileleaving the one on the B alone. Listen to the song for the rhythm and number of repeats. e---------------------------------- b--7--------------------3---------- g--9--------------------5---------- d---------------------------------- a---------------------------------- e---------------------------------- Questions, Comments to: