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 The Blister Exists de Slipknot

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The Blister Exists - Slipknot sur
This file is my first ever tabbing and may be slightly innacurate just a heads up. P.S. This song can be played from the sixth string up 7th string not required. Title: The Blister Exists Album: Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) Artist: Slipknot Song Tabbed By: Allen Keefner - = Half Count | = No Count Play directly after note / = Slide x = Palm Muted ^ = Bend and bend back v = Upstroke d = Downstroke Verse 1 e B G D-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3-1|1|3|3| 3|| A-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3-1|1|3|3| 3|| D-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3-1|1|3|3| 3|| B-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-1|1|3|3|3-2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3|2^2|3|3|3-1|1|3|3| 3|| x|x x|x x|x x|x d|v|d|v|d-d|v|d|v|d-d|v|d|v|d-d d|v|d|d d|v|d|d d|v|d|d d|v|d-d|v|d|v|d Verse 2 e B G D-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3|| A-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3|| D-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3|| B-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3-1|1|1|3|| x|x|x x|x|x x|x|x x|x|x x|x|x x|x|x x|x|x x|x|x d|v|d|v d|v|d|v d|v|d|v d|v|d|v d|v|d|v d|v|d|v d|v|d|v d|v|d|v Verse 3 e B G D-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2|| A-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2|| D-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2|| B-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2-1|1|1|2|| x|x x|x x|x x|x x|x x|x x|x x|x d|v|d|v-d|v|d|v-d|v|d|v-d|v|d|v-d|v|d|v-d|v|d|v-d|v|d|v-d|v|d|v Verse 4 e B G-5|5|5|5|3|3|3|3/8-5|5|5|5|3|3|3|3/8/5/8/5|| D A D B d|v|d|v|d|v|d|v| d|v|d|v|d|v|d|v Verse 5 e B G D-1|1|1|1-1|1|1-1|1|1/3/1/3/1/3|| A-1|1|1|1-1|1|1-1|1|1/3/1/3/1/3|| D-1|1|1|1-1|1|1-1|1|1/3/1/3/1/3|| B-1|1|1|1-1|1|1-1|1|1/3/1/3/1/3|| x|x|x x|x x|x Verse 6 e B G D-3-2- -1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1-1|| A-3-2- -1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1-1|| D-3-2- -1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1-1|| B-3-2- -1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1|1-1|1|1|1|1-1|| x|x|x-x|x|x|x|x|x-x|x|x|x|x d-d- -d|v|d-d|v|d|v|d|v|d|v|d|v|d|d Song Goes As Follows: Verse 1 Verse 2 Verse 3 Verse 4 Verse 3 Verse 4 Verse 2 Verse 3 Verse 5 Verse 6 Verse 3 Verse 5 Verse 5 Verse 6