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 I Am The Cancer de Sloan

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I Am The Cancer - Sloan sur
SLOAN - I Am The Cancer Tabbed by: Mark Wiebe, This song has lots of guitar noises and bends and stuff but I didn't feel like figuring that part out. When I play along I usually just follow the bass line and play single notes (there aren't really any chords in this song). These are the positions I usually play these notes in. F D Bb G C |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-8------------10-------| |-----10---6--------8---| (verse) F G long, Matthew I will miss you D There's too much to do or I'd go with you Bb G It's a bad time I haven't got a dime F G long, Allison I now know where you've been D But I don't know where you're goin There's security in knowing Bb G But I know some morning without any warning F You'll be gone (chorus) Bb C Oh you've kissed me, kissed me F Bb Now you're supposed to miss me (verse) G long, Andrew I will miss you I just wrote you a long note You better answer I am the cancer Removed from you (chorus) Bb C Oh you've missed me, missed me F Bb Now you've got to kiss me F Kiss me goodbye (verse) G long, scarecrow at least with you I know You're going nowhere what do you care There's nothing up your sleeve so you can never leave Why would you? (verse) Say there, scarecrow sorry I had to go But I shall return it was my turn To get away Someone had to stay G I can go (chorus) I miss you most of all Bb C You've kissed me, kissed me F Bb I can't wait until you kiss me G (3rd fret, 6th sting) Until you kiss me Bb I can't wait until you kiss me F Kiss me again