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 Underwhelmed de Sloan

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Underwhelmed - Sloan sur
'Underwhelmed' by Sloan from the album Smeared (Sorry kids; no lyrics included because I don't remember 'em & I don't have the album anymore). chords (from low E to high E) A - x02220 Asus2 - x02420 B - x24442 E - 022100 F# - 244322 The song starts with a chunky (palm-muted) F# The verse chord progression is F# - Asus2 - B, with a slight variation on the F# --2--2--2--2--2---0--0---2--2---- --2--2--2--2--2---2--2---4--4---- --3--3--3--3--3---4--4---4--4---- --4--4--4--2--4---2--2---4--4---- --4--4--4--2--4---0--0---2--2---- --2--2--2--2--2------------------ The chorus is A - E - F# Only variation is an A - B progression after the 'i just ate my young' vocal. There are several Chuck Berry-style blues scale slurs in F# during some of the verses that go something like this: -------------2-2----- ---4-(5)-4---2-2----- ---4-(5)-4----------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- ..and theres an octave riff at the end similar to this, if I remember correctly: ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- --11-11-11-11--14--14--16--16----- ---------------------------------- ---9--9--9--9--12--12--14--14----- ---------------------------------- ...questions, comments and corrections to