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 Try To Make It de Sloan

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Try to Make It - Sloan Tabbed by Adam Bishop Electric: Acoustic: D5 - x577xx D - xx0232 A5 - 577xxx A - x02220 G5 - 355xxx G - 320033 F#5 - 244xxx B5 - x244xx Riff: E|---------------------5----------------------------------------------5-- B|-------5-----7---------------7-------5----------------5-----7---------- G|--6h7-----7-------7-------7-------7-----------7--6h7-----7-------7----- D|----------------------------------------------------------------------- A|----------------------------------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------------------------------- The riff is first played on acoustic guitar, then on a keyboard or synthesizer I guess. (With synthesizer riff, x2; both acoustic and electric) D5 A5 G5 D5 A5 In the verses, there is only an electric guitar, palm-muted except for the Ds at the end of each line. D A5 G5 D5 A5 D5 Got your invitation, bless your heart you're good to call A5 G5 Another night on the town with everyone around D5 A5 D5 Doesn't seem that fun at all A5 G5 D5 A5 D5 Since we're very important people, we can skip the line A5 G5 I can do you one better, we'll skip it altogether D5 A5 D5 And the pleasure will be mine The chorus is the same as the beginning of the song, not palm-muted and without the Ds at the end, and with the riff: A5 G5 But I'll try to make it D5 A5 I hope I can make it D5 A5 G5 I'll try to make it now D5 A5 I hope I can make it You said you would meet me if I'm halfway interested I'd be upset if you waited frankly stunned if I made it I insist you go ahead I mean to be gracious but I feel put on the spot If I'm not acting excited that I was invited It's because I'm kind of not Chorus Bridge (also with riff) F#5 B5 G5 A5 Notice I'm under house arrest that's self-imposed F#5 B5 G5 A5 I started to wonder what we'd do behind doors when they're closed Solo (x2, with main riff and chorus chords): E|------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------- G|--11/9----9/7----7/6----6/4----4----4\7/6-- D|---x-x----x-x----x-x----x-x----x----x-x-x-- A|---9/7----7/5----5/4----4/2----2----2\5/4-- E|------------------------------------------- (Bass and acoustic guitar) I sent an invitation, I left it stuck up on your door Cause when I need you you're there, if you come over I swear I won't be stuck up anymore Bridge: I've come to my senses, I was blind but now I see Down go my defenses, I'm begging you to spend some time with me Chorus With acoustic riff, electric guitar plays D5 Acoustic chords and riff End on D