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 Everything I Hate de Small Town Poets

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Song: "Everything I Hate" Artist: SmallTown Poets Album: SmallTown Poets (c) 1996 ardent/koala & smalltown poetry Words&Music: Smalltown Poets Tabbed By: Ken Bonner ( *Crank the distortion fella''s powerchord time! Intro/Verse: A5 C5 D5 (use E power chord) Verse 1: i think i am elastic these arms they are a wonder pull from sideways, up and under i think it's time for something drastic B5 A5 and it could be more than i bargained for B5 A5 D5 ten to one it is Chorus: D5 G5 B5 A5 E5 G5 D5 A5 oh i'm into everything i hate my spirit is not fooled; my members take the bait oh i'm in to everything i hate still not dead enough to stifle this debate Verse 2: these heels were made for bruising and the cobblestones they're using are the pleasures of my choosing i must be born for losing heal these soles to hurt no more and i'll lift these hands just like before Cover me like a dimestore suit until I'm just like you G5 F5 E5 careful little eyes what you see careful little feet where you go *There's one more for you big STP fans out there...ask and ye shall recieve. I'm willing to tab out more for anyone who asks just mail me Been fun! -Ken Bonner