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 Inside The Bubble de Small Town Poets

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Inside The Bubble - Small Town Poets sur
Inside the Bubble Smalltown Poets From the Album "Smalltown Poets" Copyright 1997 Ardent Music tabbed by: ***************************************************** Intro: D (8x) Verse 1: G D Am Em G D Em Flying high with the crowd at night we float on unseen fuel G D Am Em each one sails a Gossamer's sphere G D Em our course unwinds like thread from a spool CHORUS 1: G D Em What's it like inside the bubble? G D C say the souls who'd like to try G D Em C cut your tether come and join me G D Em we can swim across the sky Verse 2: G D Am Em G D Em Look at me with a childlike eye and understand who's bound G D Am Em G D Em why are those who are on the ground afraid of falling down? Chorus 2: (play chorus 1 and then add this next part) D A C G Love has killed our fear yes and when we're done we'll disappear (first time through "na's" start on G and play CGD pattern, second time through start on C) Na na na na na na na...... Verse 3: G D Am Em G D Em Draws you out inside the ring comes a holy breath of truth G D Am Em G D Em setting free and sealing you in eternal youth CHORUS 2 End on Em Em2 Em2 *note* I don't know the real name for Em2 but it's: 022002