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 Scenario de Small Town Poets

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Song: "Scenario" Artist: SmallTown Poets Album: SmallTown Poets (c) 1996 ardent/koala & smalltown poetry Words&Music: Smalltown Poets Tabbed By: Ken Bonner ( *Intro: with plenty of distortion & compression D5 E5 x2 *Verses: D5 E5 D5 E5 C5 D5 A5 e---------------------- B---------------------- G-7--9--7--9--5--7----- D-7--9--7--9--5--7--7-- A-5--7--5--7--3--5--7-- E-------------------5-- D5 E5 D5 E5 C5 D5 A5 e----------------------------- B----------------------------- G-7--9--7--9--5--7--------10-5 D-7--9--7--9--5--7--7--8--10-5 A-5--7--5--7--3--5--7--8--8--3 E-------------------5--6------ *Chorus: G5 A#5 F5 C5 e------------------- B------------------- G----3------5------- D-5--3---3--5------- A-5--1---3--3------- E-3------1---------- *Solo: part 1 e---------------------------- B----------------------------- G----------------------------- D----------------------------- A----------------------------- E-5-5h7-10-10\9--5-5h7-10-10-- -part 2: e---------------------------- B---------------------------- G---------------------------- D---------------------------- A-7/9-12-12-9-12-12-9-12-12-- E---------------------------- -part 3: e---------------------------- B------------------------12-15-- G-9/11-14-14-11-14-14-11-11-14--7-9-7~~~ D--------------------------- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- *Lyrics: -Verse1: forgive me if i've been confused between the means and end i forgot to be a brother and a friend covered up inside sometimes it's harder to know i have failed at this scenario -Chorus: my faults do run deep your mercies do run deeper -Verse2: so i knelt tonight and felt that in somebody's mind there's a memory of a balance met but i left less than sublime there's no credit line no net worth to show i can pay for this scenario -Interlude: deepest apologies and sincere regret for carrying this debt -Interlude2: this scenario returns me to where i began losing what was mine and finding out a shortcut is a sin *Enjoy me.