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 Trust de Small Town Poets

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Trust by Small Town Poets D Stephens M. Johnston Em F#m G-GDC G Am Em C G he sat behind his natural defenses G Am Bm and there he wrestled with the song C G he heard his name in every line Am Em his life in every measure F C A faced with feelings he could not explain C G Am Em there was hunger in his hollow hesitation C G Am Bm there was posturing for peace C G but even where the spirit willed Am Em the flesh was still mantaining F ground to give only for a sign C A and the call went out again Em D G Am Bm C Take this bread drink this cup C D Em C G Know this price has pardoned you C G from all thats hardened you Am D Em GDG-GDC but its going to take some trust G Am Em he lost a heartbeat when he heard the testimony C G Am Bm another soul forsaking pride C G and quickened by the spirit Am Em he's so sure that he could hear it F C A Jesus his savior calling him to come G Come every soul by sin oppressed D there's mercy in the Lord G C G and He will surely give you rest C D C D Em F#m G by trusting in his word