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m: Jeff Townsend> Song title: Anymore Artist: Smalltown Poets Submitter: Casey Townsend Transcriber: Bert Hatch From the self titled album "Smalltown Poets." Copyright 1997 on Forefront Records Verse 1 E5 Cover it up with a question mark, Cover it with a crowd, G#5 A5 B5 Keeping myself among the proud I don't believe anyone could love, Anyone less if they tried. G#5 A5 B5 A5 I smiled at you and died inside, inside. (pre chorus) F# B I heard the voice I knew, F# B Covered it over with thoughts of you, (chorus) F# B E A E A Never keeping silent anymore, silent anymore, anymore. Verse 2 Silently think of a prayer for me, Voice it inside your head. Maybe I need to hear it said, it said. Sometimes the word condemns the thought G they are held a lot. (pre chorus) Whether it's God or it's you, I need to speak and be spoken to, (chorus) Can't stand this silence anymore, silence anymore, anymore.