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 Bottom Of A Bottle de Smile Empty Soul

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Bottom Of A Bottle - Smile Empty Soul sur
Artist:Smile Empty Soul Album:Smile Empty Soul Song:Bottom Of A Bottle Dropped D tuning My name is Garrett and this song is my first tab I figured this one out when my girlfriend broke up with me hints why I was listening to bottom of a bottle anywayz I hope you enjoy. Em(add2)-2X30XX Em(add2)/D-0X30XX A7(no3)-X05XXX Cmaj7-X3540X E5-222XXX D5-000XXX C5-10 10 10 XXX G5-555XXX A5-777XXX B5-999XXX Esus2-224XXX D-003XXX Asus2-X02400 Csus2-(Barre Chord)X355333 Dsus2-000230 G-52XXXX C5 III (X355XX) Intro-A7(no3) Cmaj7 A7(no3) Cmaj7 (E5 D5 C5 G5 A5 B5 A5 G5) X4 Verse 1 E5 D5 G5 Been Scared And Lonely A5 B5 A5 G5 I've asked myself is somethin' E5 D5 G5 wrong with you. A5 B5 A5 G5 My Girlfriend told me I need some time alone to E5 D5 G5 deal with issues. Pre -chorus Esus2 D But something makes me carry on Asus2 Csus2 Its difficult to understad why I always wanna Fly Chorus N.C I do it for the E5 D5 Dsus2 D5 A5 drugs C5 D5 I do it just to E5 D5 Dsus2 D5 feel alive I do it for the A5 C5 D5 love that I get from the E5 D5 A5 C5 bottom of a bottle. Verse 2 Chords same as verse 1 You always call me and ask me and ask me how I make it through the day I'm always fallin' I guess it's God's way of makin' me pay Pre-chorus...Chorus x2 Bridge E5 G C5 III Cmaj7C5 Cmaj7 I wonder why I try E5 G And I wonder why I bother C5 III Cmaj7C5 Cmaj7 E5 G C5 III Cmaj7C5 Cmaj7 And I wonder why I cry E5 G C5III why I go through all this trouble Chrous x2 Outro-(E5 D5 C5 G5 A5 B5 A5 G5) X2 ________________________________________________________________________________