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 To Be Of Use de Smog

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To Be Of Use - Smog sur
Song : To Be of Use (Smog) from the album Batysphere> Here is the Tab for the above song: Standard Tuning: Main: e ------------------------------------------------------------------- B ---0----------0-----------0-----------0----------0---------0------- G -1---1-----0-----1-----------1-----------1----------1---------1---- D -----------------------3-----------1------------------------------- A ------------------------------------------------------------------- E ----------------------------------------------4----------4--------- Repeat the arpeggio with G# a few more times, here are the lyrics: most ... ..... undeniable use this time don't go back to the D# of the beginnig, instead go back to A# and repeat a few times, while singing: like a ... x4 then go back to the beginning riff, sing: 2x to be of use Than the song repeats itself with these lyrics: most of my fantasies ... .... on the coming day coming day coming day come GREAT Song! This is my first post, please return with comments, Tabbed by bruno leviathan_rj>