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 Dont Be Afraid de Smoking Popes

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"Don't Be Afraid" - Smoking Popes --------------------------------- Tabbed by Chris - Intro: He just alternates these. You'll have to listen for the timing etc... E Esus4 E e||-7---7----7-------------------------------- B||-9---10---9--------------------------------- G||-9---9----9-------------------------------- D||-9---9----9-------------------------------- A||-7---7----7-------------------------------- E||-x---x----x-------------------------------- VERSE 1: -------- E C#m A B F#m C#m A Bluest summer skies, cloudless in your eyes. A little out of focus here. (He does this little thing here after each line) E||-5-4-2-0------------------------------------- And the rain belongs to all the tender songs I might never sing for you. CHORUS: ------- e||---------------------------------------- B||---------------------------------------- G||-----9-8-------------------------------- D||---9-----9-6-7-9------------------------ A||-7---------------9-6-7-9---------------- E||---------------------------------------- But don't be afraid of anything that faces you today. Ab A You might not know this but I'm with you all the way. (Repeat intro chords) VERSE 2: -------- If I could read the lines and find your smile to hide behind I wonder what encouragement I'd find. If you could only see this photograph of you and me It's always out of focus in my mind. CHORUS (play intro chords again here) BRIDGE: ------- D A E Esus4 etc I only want to know if it could happen D A Ab C#M A B I really want to know if it could be worth anything at all. SOLO (Don't know it yet) VERSE 3: -------- Bluest summer skies cloudless in your eyes. A little out of focus here. And the rain belongs to all the tender songs I'll be singin' only to you. CHORUS Ends With: C#m A All (the) Way