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SNEAKER PIMPS - Spin Spin Sugar   Tuning : everything up a half step or use a capo on 1st fret This is how I play Spin Spin Sugar the guitar parts are really interesting... INTRO e------------------------3----- B---------2-----0---3----3----- G-----3------------------0----- D-----4------------------4----- A-----4------------------5----- E-----2------------------------   CHORUS e---------2--------------2--------------5-------------7--------------- B-------------2------------2--------------5--------------------------- G-----------4----------------2--------------7-----------8--9--8-------repeat as D----------------2--------------2--------------7---------------------- needed A-----4--------------4--------------7--------------9------------------ E-----2--------------2--------------5--------------7------------------ there is other parts I haven^Òt tab but it^Òs very simple only notes the difficult part is the chorus !