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 Iron Mikes Main Mans Last Request de Snider Todd

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Questions to Dave at IRON MIKE'S MAIN MAN'S LAST REQUEST Todd Snider East Nashville Skyline Capo 5th fret standard tuning VERSE 1 G C Hey little buddy, don't look uneasy G D everything is going to be okay G C I could have told you when you started making money G D That the world was going to treat you this way CHORUS 1 C G Forget your first wife she was no good for you C G D She was a gold diggin' bitch and her mom was too C D G C G Hey Iron Mike... Don't let them get you down VERSE 2 Hey little buddy, don't even worry You just keep your eyes fixed on this fight If that mean old Don King don't give you back all of your money I say you and I we go take it back some night CHORUS 2 You're still the champion and every body knows you are Come on, Iron Mike let's take the Porche to the titty bar Come on, champ.... come on champ. MUSICAL INTERLUDE G C G D x 2 BRIDGE C All I'm askin' for is three hundred dollars G and that's only till my brother straightens out C G I would do this for you if I could and you needed me to D Ain't that what friendship's all about? VERSE 3 Hey little buddy, don't get angry Please God, at least not at me You know I am right behind you all the way oh compadre, you just say whatever you want to and I'll agree CHORUS 3 Who washed every car in this ten car garage? Who carries the boombox and the entourage? Me, Mike, goddammit... me.