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 Grazed Knees de Snow Patrol

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Grazed Knees - Snow Patrol sur
Title: Grazed Knees Artist: Snow Patrol Album: Final Straw (2004) Submitted by: Dave Bremer This is the song as played on the album. Verses: e-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| b-----------------|-----1-----1-----|-----------------|-----------------| g-----5-----5-----|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D---3-----3-----3-|---3-----3-----3-|-----3-----3-----|-----3-----3-----| A-0---------------|-1---------------|---3-----3-----3-|---3-----3-----3-| E-----------------|-----------------|-1---------------|-1---------------| Chorus: e-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------| b-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------| g-----5-----5-----|-----3-----3-----|-----5-----5-----|-----3-----3----| D---5-----5-----5-|---3-----3-----3-|---5-----5-----5-|---3-----3----3-| A-3---------------|-1---------------|-3---------------|-1--------------| E-----------------|-----------------|----------------------------------| I'm trying not to stare, it's too late The blankets over there, if you like I'm broken and I'm colder than hell I should've said I'd not come back here Your breakfast will get cold I really have to go It's easier to lie and be safe Time and time again I'm half stalled One giant leap of faith is easy When everyone you ask is so sure Just give a second thought What if we don't get caught Just say you love me now And forget this whole row Just save your energy For making up with me If you have any questions or suggestions, please mail me: