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 Make Love To Me Forever de Snow Patrol

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Make Love To Me Forever - Snow Patrol sur
Snow Patrol Title: Make love to me forever >From the album: When it's all over we still have to clear up. Catalogue No: JPR CD/LP 012 Jeepster Records This is a very simple song, played slowly. It is not structured around verse, chorus, verse, bridge etc, just a simple riff from start to finish. Starting quietly with the lyric 'make love to me forever' which is repeated throughout until the 'verse' is sung over the backing of 'make love' Repeat this tab throughout. Make love to me forever E|-----------0--------------0--| B|-----------1--------------1--| G|---0----0---------0----0-----| D|-2--------------2---3--------| Repeat throughout A|----3------------------------| E|-----------------------------| Make love to me forever ) Make love to me forever ) Make love to me forever ) Gary sings repeats this line 16 times Make love to me forever ) in all before coming in with... It took half the time....