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Soul Asylum "Bittersweetheart" From "Let Your Dim Light Shine" Transcribed by Bryan Pero ( Intro: For the intro Dave Pirner pounds out an A chord. Then Dave repeats the intro riff while Dan Murphy (Gtr.2) strums the A chord once and lets it sustain through Dave's little stop-time riff. It looks like this: Gtr.1 (Intro Riff) E-------------------------- B--x--2---2-2---2--2--2-2-- G--x--2---2-2---2--2--2-2-- repeat D--x--2---2-2---2--2--2-2-- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- Gtr. 2(played right before Dave repeats intro riff) E------------- B------------- G--2-2--2----- D--2-2--2----- A------------- E------------- Okay, for the verses, just strum the chord once, then pick it out going from the high E string up, like an upstroke, only pick out the notes. And just listen to the album for the rythym of the electric distorted parts and anything else that¹s hard to understand here. Verse I A(clean electric) D Why you always wanna get the best of me, I'm like a seeing eye dog and I E Can't even see, They're naked and they're followin' my master who's A (distortion on) blind and my mind's gone to pieces I could use some peace of mind A D G I picked up the pieces and I made a new start stole an old stiletto E started stabbin' in the dark and I can't live without it I would A surely fall apart, but it's hard to make arrangements round a bittersweetheart Chorus: D E Bittersweetheart, Bittersweetheart A D D E Better get yourself a little street smart bittersweetheart sad but true A D E(palm mute) It's a bittersweetheart that's a hard heart to cure (with chorus riff) A D E A D E It's just my bittersweetheart, bittersweetheaaaaart, bittersweetheart Verse II: A It's like a suicide mission when you can't see no end D tired of compliment fishin' and impressin' your friends E I never kissed no one just to kiss and tell A It's a little bit of heaven and a whole lotta hell A In the eye of the beholder is a beautiful start D but you always seem to end up with a bittersweetheart E there's a darkness loomin' but the sun is shining bright A I can live to see the morning if I stay up all night Chorus: D E Bittersweetheart, bittersweetheart A D without a shortcut without a headstart D E A Bittersweetheart sad but true it's a bittersweetheart D E(p.m.) A that's a hard heart to cure, my bittersweetheart (w/chourus riff) D E A D E It's the hardest part, bittersweetheart Bridge: D E Are you in there are you beating A D Beating me up until I'm bleeding D E D E How much blood can you spare? Chorus: D E Bittersweetheart, bittersweetheart A D Think just a drink might get you to the good part D E lyin'in bed just wonderin' what to do A D E(p.m.) It's a bittersweetheart that's a hard heart to cure Play Intro riff, then: With Intro riff: In time inside you find you always wind up with a bitterweetheart Then play Chorus riffs and Outro riff. Repeat and Fade. Chorus riffs: (Gtr.1 strum chords above tab) A D E E---------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------- G-----------------------------------1-1-- D----------------------------4~-2~--2-2-- A--0--2--2-2--2--4~-0---0--0--------2-2-- E---------------------------------------- A D E E---------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------- A--0--2--2-2--2--2-2--2--4---4br-4-2-0-2--2~-0-2~-4-- E---------------------------------------------------- Outro Riff: (I¹ve include the time on the CD to help you follow the tab) 2:58 3:05 A| D E A| E---V------------------------------------------V------------- B--------------------------7-7------------------------------- G--------------------------7-7------------------------------- D--------------------------5-5----------------------------7-- A--0--2--2-2--2-2--2-2-2-4--------------------5--7-7--7-9---- E------------------------------0--5--5-5--7-5---------------- 3:10 | E----------V--------------------------------------------- B-----------------------14------------------------------- G--7-------/14-14-14----14----7--------7-------7-7-------Repea t and Fade D----9--7--/14-14-14----14----7----7---7---7---7-7----7-- A-------------------------------9--------9---------9----- E--------------------14---------------------------------- Also during the Outro, while Dan Murphy is playing the solo stuff, Dave Pirner, while playing his A and D chords, plays a D like this: D-007777- The rest of the chord forms are first position for Dave Pirner(Gtr.1) and power chords for Dan Murphy. Well, that¹s it!! Send me any comments!!