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Reach Up Velour Soulfood 76 Daniel Fairbanks Dm Dm6 G F F# D C -x- -x- -3- -1- -2- -x- -x- (E) -5- -5- -5- -3- -4- -5- -3- (A) -7- -7- -5- -3- -4- -7- -5- (D) -7- -6- -4- -2- -3- -7- -5- (G) -6- -6- -3- -1- -2- -7- -5- (B) -5- -5- -3- -1- -2- -5- -3- (e) Intro: { Dm, Dm6, G, F, F#, G } (2x) Verse #1 Dm Dm6 G F F# G everytime I'm looking for the answer today Dm Dm6 G F F# G I'm finding out that there is another way Dm Dm6 G F F# G now I'm asking you Lord to take my humble prayer Dm Dm6 G F F# G and I'm searching now to find that you are there Chorus: D C F G that's why I'm always looking around never takin' time D C F G always thinking of Heaven's on my mind D C F G I reach up faithfully D C F G I reach up faithfully Verse #2 help me now to see you when I fall on my face have your mercy on me as I ask for your grace my soul and my mind I devote them all too you now I'm asking you Lord to tell me what to do Outro: D C F G I take my time D C F G I move around and around and around... (repeat several times) { D C F G } Repeat a whole lot This sounds real smoothe with distortion. If this doesn't look right, hook up with me @ Keep playing guitar, J "rain, rain" Chubbs P.S. I'm gonna be working on some other Soulfood songs so look out for them. Also, if your having trouble finding Soulfood's Velour album, be on the lookout for it's re-release. "Velour (retrospective)" will have several new songs and some remixes but it will also be missing some of the songs on the original "Velour" album.