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 Black Hole Sun Chorus de Soundgarden

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Black Hole Sun Chorus - Soundgarden sur
Heres the chorus for Black Hole Sun. IMPORTANT: You MUST use dropped-D tuning (tune your low E string down to D) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------1-------------2-----------------------------7-------------------- ------1---1---------0---0---------5-------3-------8---8------------------ ----1-------1-----0-------0-----5---5---3---3---8-------8---------------- --1-----------1-0-----------0-5-------3-------8-----------8-------------- ..sun won't you come and wash away the rain black hole ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------5--5----7--------------------------------- --------1-------------2--------5--5----7--------------------------------- ------1---1---------0---0------5--5----7--------------------------------- ----1-------1-----0-------0----3--3----5--------------------------------- --1-----------1-0-----------0-------------------------------------------- sun won't you come won't you..... After the first chorus, I believe the barre chords in subsequent choruses are C-A#-D (instead of C-D shown above). Anyway, the above sounds close to my ears. However, I don't have a copy of the album, so corrections are welcome. Anyone who has figured out the verse chords, please post. I'm trying various triads around the octave fret but just can't seem to nail it.