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 My Wave de Soundgarden

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My Wave - Soundgarden sur
My Wave By Soundgarden Transkripted by Eric Johansson ( intro GGG GGG GGG (d on b-string) G ( ) G ( ) GGG G AA EE Then play this chords (Barre) (”after intro”) GGG AA E E GGG AA EE Repeat this during the verses Take, if you want a slice if ...... Break..... share..... Now play the intro Don´t come over here and piss on my gate save it just keep it off my wave ”After intro” Cry..... Hate....... Pray...... Play intro Don´t come over here ...... During Keep it off my wave (3 times) B--5--4----1-1-1--3-1-1------- My wave b----3------------5--------------- G A B------5--4----1-1-1----3---1-1---- Then play this A AA A AA G S= slide i hope it´s right B-------3--5s6-5--5s6------3-3---repeat then back to the ”after itro” Intro Don´t .,...... Play the same as before The song all ends whit this B--5--4--1-1-1---3--1-1-----many times I hope you understand something. If you listen to the record it will be much easier. Thats all for now. Eric the guitar hero.