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 If You Have Crying Eyes de Souther J D

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If You Have Crying Eyes - Souther J D sur
m: (rick) J.D Souther If You Have Crying Eyes written by J. D Souther J.D Souther vocals/acoustic guitar Glenn Frey guitar Andrew Gold guitar/piano/background vocals Kenny Edwards bass Russell Kunkel drums Linda Ronstadt harmony Peter Asher background vocals G C G D If you have crying eyes G C G Bring them along C G D Or if you don't feel at ease G C G Maybe I know your song B7 Em I don't mind if it takes us a little longer B7 Em C I'm willing to stay here and love you 'til dawn G It'll be all right G "Play me the one that you made up for me" C It might be your night C G "You say it's lost, but I don't believe it" G It might be mine C G D G if you have doubts and fears G C G Why stay alone C G D You know, I felt that way for years G C G Now the worst of it's gone B7 Em I don't care if it takes us a few hours B7 Em C If you've got the heart for it, I'll find the power G To make it all right G "Sing me the sad one you used to know" C It might be your night C G "It's either forgotten or you've changed it so" C Bm F#m Bm F#m It might be yours and it might be mine C I don't want nobody crying for me Bm F#m Bm F#m C C#dim G And I don't need your sympathy C G D Oh, the night is a river G C G Where the lonely are drowned C G D And if you still love me D G C G I'll be around G Am7 D I can see by the look on your face that you're hurt Am7 D I guess you wouldn't be here if you weren't Gmaj7 G It's all right cause C7 It might be your night G C7 G C7 G And it might be mine might be mine (over & over and fade) From J.D Souther "Black Rose" Elektra Records 1976 Golden Spread Music/Benchmark Music