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 Ill Take Care Of You de Souther J D

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Ill Take Care Of You - Souther J D sur
can a working girl do F Gm Am Bb F Gm F C But struggle through another day I'll take care of you F Gm F Bb Nights are long and dreams are cold F Dm Gm C If they're all you wake up to F Gm Am Bb F Gm F But should you rise with crying eyes I'll take care of you Dm G let them talk about us F E7 Am G F Let them call us funny things people sometimes do E7 Am D Bb Gm C I don't care as long as you know I love you and and you know I do F Gm F Bb Gm I'll be there but you might not see F Dm Gm C It's never easy to get through F Gm Am Bb F Gm F But when the laughter dies away I'll take care of you From Home By Dawn Warner Brothers Records 1984 Ice Age Music ASCAP 1982