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 Its The Same de Souther J D

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J.D Souther It's The Same written by J.D Souther E A A9 E A A9 In the crowded part of heaven there's room enough for pain C#m B A E B On the lonely side of living without you it's the same E A A9 E A A9 With my back against the window it's hard to see the street C#m B A E B E G the time just goes by in minutes and the rain comes down in sheets A B E A B E You can't go home again your treated like a memory F#m B E It's just place you use to be A B E A B E The past will lose you and abuse you F# F#m B7 It's just about to take it's toll on me E A A9 E A A9 When the gates are standing open and my soul's too weak to fly C#m B A E E7 When that silver blue turns golden by and by A D E A D E Oh Angeline Palo Mesa Music(ASCAP) From John David Souther Asylum Records 1972