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 Jesus In 3-4 Time de Souther J D

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From Sat Nov 15 16:59:58 1997 J.D Souther Jesus In 3/4 Time written by J.D Souther G Am C D If I gave you my blessing and bid you goodby C D G C G And something is holding me down G Am C D Once I was baptized but that was all right C D G C G Now If I just can be found Em D C G Em Cm D Living with Jesus day after day nobody lives quite that way C G A D Blessed insurance is one thing to know and another to sing in a song D G Am C D Well the family possessions passed on to me C D G C G No longer fit in my hands G Am C D Once I was saved that one was free C D G I'd be pleased to know just where I stand Em D C G Em A D Living for Jesus making it pay well nobody lives quite that long SOLO C G A C D G Am C D C D G Once I was baptized but now I am free singing that new gospel song G C D G Singing higher and higher and higher From John David Souther Asylum Records 1972