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 200 Bars de Spiritualized

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200 Bars - Spiritualized sur Guitariff.net
If you would like to contact me with errors/corrections, send an email to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com.* Song: 200 Bars Performers: Spiritualized Album: Lazer Guided Melodies Writer: Jason Pierce _Notes:_ Another impossibly beautiful construct from Jason's unparalleled carreer. This is the song that wraps up Lazer Guided Melodies, with its romantic themes resolving in something as pure and beautiful as a voice gently counting to 100. It's also minimalistic and both incredibly wistful as well as musically adventurous (it is _precisely_ 200 bars in length!). Haven't seen a transcription of this one...so here it is... _Effects:_ During the intro (first half) play with echo and phase, the rest is played with just flange or phase. (Keyboards!) _Tuning:_ Traditionally keyboard songs --> are -- played in standard tuning :-) (EADGBe) Define chords: C - X32010 or X35553 G - 320003 or 355433 _Rhythm:_ This song is played in 4/4 time. Ok... intro riff (the counting bit) e 3------------ B --------5-7-8 G ------------- D ------------- A ------------- E ------------- x25 (yes, 25) The rest of the song: e ------------------ B 1-1---1----------- G ----2------0-0---0 D ---------------2-- A ------------------ E ------------------ x25 (yes, 25) Chords: C - 2 bars G - 2 bars x50 (yes, 50 :-) You can visit my Spiritualized site at http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/electricity/index.html for more information about this band. There is also a guitar tabs section where things like this are exchanged... Comments or questions should go to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com Thanks again...