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 Come Together Abbey Road Version de Spiritualized

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Come Together Abbey Road Version - Spiritualized sur Guitariff.net
If you would like to contact me with errors/corrections, send an email to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com.* Song: Come Together (Abbey Road version) Performer: Spiritualized Album: The Abbey Road EP Writer: Jason Pierce Transcribed by Aaron Heisler (gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com) _Notes:_ This is a >very different version of the song from the one that appears on Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, and as such it is played >quite differently. Here the rhythm guitar is quite prominent, and the chording is slightly more complex (includes one extra chord and a different solo). It is also harsher and more aggressive than the LAGWAFIS version, and is closer in spirit to the live version on Royal Albert Hall Live. Both of those other versions are arguably better, but this is the easiest to play. Even though it is the lesser of the three, it is still a spectacular recording. There is a fine transcription (by Sam Wander) available in the old archive of the Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space version, but that version unfortunately names the chords incorrectly so it can be confusing. As this is a different version with a different set of chords and solos, a new transcription was in order. _Effects:_ Distortion. Later in the song Jason uses what sounds like a phaser for that shifting, uneasy bit. Regardless this song probably benefits more from the Spacemen 3 trick of over-amplification. _Tuning:_ This song is played in standard tuning. (EADGBe), but you may or may not want to tune it down a bit (the rumor that this is tuned down seems to unsubstantiated). Define chords: A - 002220 or XX222X or 577655 A# - XX333X or 688766 B - XX444X or 799877 C - XX555X or 8,10,10,9,8,8 >>I STRONGLY recommend that you play this with ONLY the D,G, and B strings _Rhythm:_ This song is played in 3/4 time. The rhythm is a bit difficult to explain but easy to do: simply, in the song, play A for 3 bars, then strum A, A#, and B once each, then play C for 3 bars, then strum B, A#, and A once each again, in that order. Then just repeat this through the whole song. Intro: Push in, 3/4 on timpanis... then: A...A#, B, C...B, A#, A Then (lead guitar): e 0-------0------0----5 B ---3-1----3-1---3-1-- then: e 0-------0------0----- B ---3-1----3-1---3-1-- G --------------------2 ...(this is also the solo that is played later in the song) Then play the chords as follows (see _Rhythm_ section above for timing): A...(little Jonny's...) A#, B C...(first he jumped...) then for the chorus: A...(come on...) A#, B C...(come on...) etc. This is the shortest version of the song so it doesn't have the lengthy section at the end of the live version which sounds like it >may be in a different key. You can visit my Spiritualized site at http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/electricity/index.html for more information about this band. There is also a guitar tabs section where things like this are exchanged but as this is a Spacemen 3 tab it does not fit... Comments or questions should go to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com Thanks again...