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 Medication de Spiritualized

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If you would like to contact me with errors/corrections, send an email to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com.* Song: Medication Performers: Spiritualized Album: Pure Phase Writer: Jason Pierce _Notes:_ This song is the beautifully minimalist overture to Pure Phase. Essentially the chords are played on keyboards, but it sounds fine on a guitar. One of the most powerful of Jason's more chemically-oriented songs, it careens back and forth between beauty and outright psyechdelic caterwaul. There are some splendid live versions of this available, as well as the studio version on the Medication EP that are different from this. Personally I prefer the Pure Phase version...so this transcription applies to that version. Also boasts a stunning lyric. Cosmic. Haven't seen a transcription of this one...so here it is... _Effects:_ Hmm played on keys so I'm not sure what to say...flangers and phasers galore...during the chorus some distortion... _Tuning:_ Traditionally keyboard songs --> are -- played in standard tuning :-) (EADGBe) Define chords: G - 320003 or 355433 C - X32010 or X35553 C/E - 032010 or 035553 _Rhythm:_ This song is played in 4/4 time. Ok... \ = Slide down Intro: e -3-------0---------3 B -0-----0-1-1--0-3--3 G -0--0-2--0---------0 D -0-------2-------0-0 A -2-------3--3------2 E -3-3---------------3 Does anybody notice that the numbers there looks like the male blob person from the Lazer Guided Melodies cover? Anyway... (a few times...then:) Verse: G - 2 bars C - 2 bars x8? (play as necessary) Chorus: G - 1 bar (I'm) C/E - 1 bar (waiting for a) G - 1 bar (time...) Solos: (during chorus) e 3-------------------3-7\3-3-3-3------ B -3p1-1-1p0-3p1-1-1p0-------0---0-1-0- G 0-------------------0-4p0-0-0-0-----0 (improvise with that) And that's about it. During the "medicate my days" part you just play as you would the chorus, just quieter. You can visit my Spiritualized site at http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/electricity/index.html for more information about this band. There is also a guitar tabs section where things like this are exchanged... Comments or questions should go to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com Thanks again...