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 Shine A Light de Spiritualized

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Shine A Light - Spiritualized sur Guitariff.net
If you would like to contact me with errors/corrections, send an email to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com.* Song: Shine a Light Performer: Spiritualized Album: Lazer Guided Melodies Writer: Jason Pierce Transcribed by Aaron Heisler (gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com) _Notes:_ An awe-inspiringly beautiful song. This is far and away my favorite Spiritualized song: honest, emotional, devastating, it balances the recurring themes of love on Lazer Guided Melodies with an atonishing glimpse into loneliness. It really eludes words. I've never seen a transcription of this song. This song is also widely available in live versions, particularly on the Royal Albert Hall double CD. That version is considerably changed and is reliant on Jason's lead guitars; as such, this transcription applies only really to the studio version. _Effects:_ Flangers and phasers are preferable here folks, and a good echochamber can't hurt either (to duplicate the live version you need distortion as well)... _Tuning:_ This song is played in standard tuning. (EADGBe) Define chords: F(1): XX3211 F(2): 133211 C : 032010 G(1): 320003 G(2): 355433 (The chords marked (1) are only used in the intro). Ok: __INTRO__ e ---1---------3-3-3-3---1-1-----0---3- B --1-1----1---0-0-0-0--1---1---1-1--3- G -2---2--0-0--0-0-0-0-2-----2-0---0-0- D 3------2---2-0-0-0-0--------2------0- A ------3------2-2-2-2---------------2- E -------------3-3-3-3---------------3- __VERSE__ The rest of the song is played in 3/4. F(2) - 2 bars C - 2 bars G(2) - 4 bars Then just repeat. You can visit my Spiritualized site at http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/electricity/index.html for more information about this band. There is also a guitar tabs section where things like this are exchanged... Comments or questions should go to gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com Thanks again...